Skin Cancer Awareness


TO ALL OPFFA LOCALS:Sent on behalf of the OPFFA’s Health & Safety Committee The Health & Safety Committee would like to use this first-ever Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month as an opportunity to shed some light on Skin Cancer which given our firefighting profession, makes us particularly susceptible to it.Our exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene, metals, and polychlorinated biphenyls (which … Read More

Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month


This month (January 2024) marks the inaugural Fire Fighter Awareness Month. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the health risks that firefighters face in their line of duty. Firefighters encounter various toxins and carcinogens in their work environment, which increase their chances of developing different types of cancer. Some of the cancers that affect firefighters are Pancreatic and Thyroid … Read More

Ontario Expands Fire Fighter Cancer coverage

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The Ontario Government announced today that workplace cancers for fire fighters will include pancreatic and thyroid cancers. Minister of Labour Monte McNaughton says the changes will be retroactive to 1960 in order to cover both active and retired fire fighters. If any of the prescribed cancers apply to you or someone you know please make sure they are aware and … Read More

MROO – Affording Health Care


For your interest… February Webinar:Affording Health Care Expenses – Battling Inflation This MROO Webinar introduces MROO Members to Affording Health Care Expenses with Renata Ledo and Maricel Nieva. This will MROO webinar will cover the following: Strategies to fund current and unexpected health care expenses against inflation – critical tools for protecting your pre and post-retirement income. Inflation is hitting … Read More

MROO October Webinar – Age-In-Place

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For Your Interest October Webinar: Your EIGHT Team: Building your Age-in-Place Social Network This MROO Webinar introduces MROO Members to building your Age-in-Place social network with Nancy Angus. This will MROO webinar will cover the following: The importance of your social connections. How to choose your age-in-place team. How to recruit and retain members on your team. Strategies to make … Read More

IAFF Message – Fire Retardants

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It has been known for quite some time that the fire retardants used on furniture etc. could cause cancer and have an impact not only on the everyday user but maybe even more so on firefighters who are exposed during fires. Yesterday the Government of Canada announced a comprehensive plan with regards to chemical flame retardants. National Institutes of Health … Read More

IAFF Parkinson’s Survey

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IAFF Canada has launched an online survey which they would like firefighters in Canada affected by Parkinson’s Disease to complete. Please share with your Brother and Sister Fire Fighters. IAFF Canada on Facebook

Seasonal vaccinations ward off dementia…


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Research presented at this year’s Alzheimer’s Association International Conference showed a strong correlation between older adults getting vaccinated against the flu and pneumonia, and lower risk of dementia. The findings suggest that even a one-time seasonal flu shot was associated with a 17 per cent reduction in Alzheimer’s disease. Repeated vaccinations “cut Alzheimer’s incidence by a further 13 per cent.” Another study … Read More