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February Webinar:
Affording Health Care Expenses – Battling Inflation

This MROO Webinar introduces MROO Members to Affording Health Care Expenses with Renata Ledo and Maricel Nieva.

This will MROO webinar will cover the following:

Strategies to fund current and unexpected health care expenses against inflation – critical tools for protecting your pre and post-retirement income.

Inflation is hitting the headlines daily and is having a direct impact on purchasing power. While Social Security benefits provide cost of living increases, they do not always meet with current inflation rates, and pension inflation protection bases increases on pre-retirement income. This leaves many Canadians concerned about paying for important necessities such as healthcare, travel, and leisure because everything costs more.

Explore ways to pay for rising costs of health care with strategies to mitigate your finances from being compromised by inflation.

This webinar offers you insight on:

  • managing your current and future health care costs.
  • understanding government-sponsored benefits offered through OHIP.
  • exploring trends in health care in Ontario that may impact you.
  • examining solutions to fund health care to mitigate financial risk from unexpected expenses.
  • protecting retirement income for what it was intended for.
  • Register for this MROO webinar directly through Zoom below. Member login is not required.

Date: February 8, 2023 at 10:00 AM (EST)
Registration Closes on February 7, 2023 at Noon.

Session information will be available for download one week after the webinar.

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