Skin Cancer Awareness


Sent on behalf of the OPFFA’s Health & Safety Committee

The Health & Safety Committee would like to use this first-ever Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month as an opportunity to shed some light on Skin Cancer which given our firefighting profession, makes us particularly susceptible to it.
Our exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene, metals, and polychlorinated biphenyls (which have all been shown to be carcinogens) means firefighters are more likely to develop skin cancers in their lifetime.
In fact, skin cancer has affected over 6911 Ontario Firefighters, or 26 % of the total presumptive cancer claims, making it the leading cause of presumptive cancers among firefighters. Studies have even shown that firefighters have a higher risk of developing melanoma compared to the general population.

To help Ontario firefighters monitor this cancer, the OPFFA has teamed up with GetSkinHelp, an Ontario-based and OHIP-covered virtual health platform solely dedicated to skin conditions.


GetSkinHelp connects patients with healthcare professionals from the comfort of their own homes. The healthcare provider can conduct assessments, provide advice, and even prescribe medications when necessary. You can watch this 30sec YouTube video for more information: GetSkinHelp is your Skin Health Champion.

GetSkinHelp allows patients and firefighters-alike to:

  • Choose their day and time to book a video consultation.
  • Get help with the full spectrum of skin conditions.
  • Use SkinAI™ technology to screen skin diseases, including skin cancers.
  • Capture images of your skin lesions and share them with your doctor.
  • Plus, it is covered by your Ontario health card.

It is Canada’s most advanced mobile app for skin cancers and skin diseases and is supported by the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation, the Save Your Skin Foundation, and the Melanoma Network of Canada and is also licensed by Health Canada.

What is most important is that the app gets a person in front of a doctor faster than traditional means, especially if you live in remote or under-serviced regions.
Think of it as doing Facetime or Zoom with your doctor, but on a platform that meets government medical standards when it comes to security and privacy.

Should you be informed that you have skin cancer please contact your local WSIB representative to assist you in filing this claim for adjudication.

Again, it is the goal of the OPFFA to continue to bring new and innovative ways to better help your medical surveillance.

Stay Safe


Your OPFFA Health & Safety Committee

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