Ontario Staycation…

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If you are planning to ‘explore’ the province this year this tax credit may work for you. While the sums aren’t huge any money back is better than none! “To help the tourism and hospitality sectors recover, and encourage Ontario families to explore the province, the government is proposing a new temporary Ontario Staycation Tax Credit for 2022. The credit … Read More



UPDATE – as of Dec 21st a COVID test is required for return to Canada from the USA even for trips of 72 hours or less. Please do your homework and make sure you are aware of all requirements and insurance coverage before you travel. By now most have heard of the need to fill out documentation when returning from … Read More

Travel Advisory Lifted


from Snowbirdadviser Insurance Canada lifts Global Travel Advisory to avoid non-essential travel for fully vaccinated Canadians On October 21, 2021, the Government of Canada lifted its Level 3 Global COVID-19 Travel Advisory to avoid non-essential travel for fully vaccinated Canadians COVID-19 travel advisories are now being issued on a country/regional basis. As a result, travel advisory levels have now been lowered for many popular snowbird destinations to Level … Read More

Travel Insurance


What Canadian Snowbirds Need to Know About Travel Insurance Prices Ever wonder how insurance companies determine travel insurance premiums or why premiums differ from provider to provider? We’re pulling back the curtain to give you the inside scoop. At Snowbird Advisor Insurance, our clients often ask us how insurance companies determine their rates, why rates differ from provider to provider … Read More

Urgent – RSA – Out of Country


Due to the Covid-19 virus and Government Travel advisories its important that anyone traveling out of country check their insurance coverage. For those Retirees that may have out of country through MROO/Victor. As you know its under written by RSA (Royal Sun Alliance). The following is from their (RSA) website. Please be aware and check your coverage. OUT OF COUNTRY … Read More