Cyber Security Awareness Month


From banking, to purchasing, to talking with our grand children so much of what we do is done through our electronic devices via the internet. Now more than ever we need to be cyber smart, that is we need to know how to keep what we do safe and secure. We need to take time to look before we leap and know that the link we are about to click on is not malware, a virus, a scam phone call, or a phishing email scam.

October is Cyber Security Awareness month. What better time to sit back, watch the leaves fall and refresh our memories on how to keep our devices secure and our precious information safe. Sometimes its as simple as a strong passwords, implementing two factor authentication or hanging up on that unrecognizable phone number with the annoying computer generated voice message. A strong passwords is one that is not easily guessed – longer is better and maybe throw in a special character or two. Two factor authentication is also a very good idea these days. When used two factor authentication will request the individual to provide a code during login. The code is usually sent to your mobile phone or email. This is helpful in stopping someone who may be trying to access your account from a different device than you normally would use.

There are many ways we can protect ourselves, being aware is the first one. Below are a number of links which provide information to protect yourself.

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