Estate Planning


No one likes to think about their own mortality. Estate planning is one of those thing that does just that. Recently, we have had a number of inquiries from Estate Executors regarding the possibility of entitlements from the former employer. For some it may be the City of Toronto, for others it may be from one of the six pre-amalgamation municipalities (East York, Etobicoke, North York, York, Scarborough, Toronto).

Many issues can arise should you pass without a Will. By having up to date Wills, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney, and other instructions you make things much easier for your family and loved ones.

Wills, Estates and Trusts – Ministry of Ontario General (Ontario)

Powers of Attorney (Ontario)

If you haven’t already done so, now is a good time for your estate planning or review your plan to make sure it is up to date. Your plan should include clear instruction as to your Obituary & Funeral arrangements. Be sure to include instructions to contact the City of Toronto to inquire about any possible entitlements whether its from employment with the City of Toronto or one of the six pre-amalgamation municipalities. Also make sure the beneficiary is correct on any insurance or other documents requiring one.

The City of Toronto Pension, Payroll & Employee Benefits Department can be contacted at – 416-338-0016. A Staff Directory can be found here.

Another consideration is to have instruction in your Will to leave any and all Fire Service Memorabilia to specific family members and/or perhaps our own Toronto Fire Historical Society, so our history can be better preserved. All too often we’ve seen artifacts just thrown away.

Be safe, Stay healthy.