Ed Kennedy

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It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of active member and former TPFFA President, Capt. Ed Kennedy. Our sympathy and thoughts are with his wife Dina, his family and friends. He will be deeply missed.

From TPFFA President Frank Ramagnano

It is with profound sadness and heavy hearts, that we notify you of the passing of Local 3888 Active member Captain Ed Kennedy on September 3, 2020, at the age of 61.
1981, Ed Kennedy began his career as a professional firefighter with the Scarborough Fire Department.  Ed served his community, just as his father, grandfather and great-grandfather had before him. For 26 years his experienced leadership and dedication has been a centrepiece in the Union Office. Ed was elected as an Executive Officer with Scarborough Professional Fire Fighters Association in 1988, becoming the Vice President in 1995. When the City of Toronto amalgamated, he chaired the Council of Trade Unions – Collective Agreement Committee, working on briefs and presentations for our bargaining with the City, as well as the landmark Teplitsky Arbitration. This would ultimately lead to the first Collective Agreement for the new Local 3888.Ed became Vice-President of the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association in 2002 and held that position for 8 years before assuming the office of President in May 2010, where he served for over 4 ½ years representing the 3000 members of the TPFFA.
During his tenure, Ed has been a strong advocate with the IAFF for Local 3888, leading the way for improvements on municipal, provincial and federal issues during his time as Government Relations Chair of the TPFFA, he played a lead role in the “Fire Chief” selection process at City Hall in 2002, as well as advocating for our first-ever, mayoral endorsement of candidate David Miller, who was successfully elected as Mayor in 2003. Ed has been a long time champion of firefighter issues, lobbying both Provincial and Federal governments for legislative changes, such as Bill 84 (FPPA), the Toronto Amalgamation, Presumptive Legislation (Bill 221), Amendments to the Safe Streets Act (Bill 58), Emergency Service Providers Insurance Protection Act (Bill 40), Marijuana Grow Labs Act (Bill 128),  federal Hazmat Funding, Priority Vaccinations for First Responders, and the need to establish a federal Public Safety Officer Compensation Benefit. Ed played a key role in the establishment of the Toronto FirePac Committee and the L3888 Stewards Committee. In 1997 when the PFOFF and the OPFFA merged, Ed was appointed Chair of the new OPFFA Education Committee, a position he has held for 18 years.  Under his leadership, the OPFFA has established a program of semi-annual educational seminars for its members. These seminars, which provide information and education on a wide array of topics on important labour issues surrounding the fire service are widely recognized and respected across North America. Like many great leaders before him, Ed has always placed his profession, his commitment to his Union and the well being of his membership ahead of his personal life. Many times, these sacrifices come at the expense of his home life and family functions but Ed’s dedication has never wavered. Ed has always lived by the principle that our union must “Stand Strong-Together” if we are to continue to defend ourselves from continued attacks on our profession while standing united with our brothers and sisters across the labour spectrum. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Ed’s family and friends, our members and colleagues that knew and worked with Ed.
We will update and post ceremonial and funeral information as it becomes available.
In Solidarity,
Frank Ramagnano
Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association
I.A.F.F. Local 3888