TPFFA Active Retired Membership


$25.00 Annually (May to May)

Active-Retired Privileges and Rights

The annual Active-Retired membership fee for the TPFFA/IAFF is $25.00 for 1 year.

  • The president will appoint an Active-Retired member to act as a liason
  • Attendance at the Local 3888 Membership meetings (including electronic/teleconference meetings) with a voice but no vote
  • Full access to the Local 3888 membership website
  • Receive Local 3888 Union Notices
  • A subscription to the TPFFA Fire Watch magazine
  • Receive a set of Local 3888 Retired Car decals
  • Active-Retired members status with the IAFF
  • A subscription to the IAFF quarterly magazine
  • Advocacy for WSIB, Pension and Benefits
  • Preferred rates for Local 3888 events
  • Travel discount opportunities
  • Educational and Training opportunities with TPFFA
  • Local Event Tickets

The Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association Active-Retired program has a policy to recognize that retaining a form of membership within Local 3888 and the IAFF is a privilege and not a right and as such, the TPFFA Executive Board shall have the authority to accept and/or revoke membership in the Association.

For any inquiries or questions about the application process, please contact us by email:

Membership Form