Public Health Ontario – Coronovirus


Please stay safe and well. Remember to stay a short pike pole or hockey stick length a part – social distancing! Public Health Ontario – a resource for Coronovirus (Covid-19) Information and fact sheets….. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) COVID-19 Public Resources Government of Canada – Coronavirus Disease Links

MROO Zone Meetings

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Important Note MROO has postponed its spring 2020 zone meetings. New dates will be announced once it is safe for us all to get together. ABOUT MROO ANNUAL ZONE MEETINGS

Coronvirus Info Links


The information regarding this outbreak is very fluid and evolves daily. In an effort to help our members keep informed and make the right choices we thought it may be of some help if some of the Government and Municipal links were easy to find in one place. Please take all precautions and stay safe. Government of Canada Government of … Read More