Active Member Paul Manning Funeral Notice

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Passing of Active Member Captain Paul Manning
Feb 3rd, 1965 – May 27th, 2024

Local 3888 Members,

It is with a heavy heart that we notify you of the passing of our Brother, Captain Paul Manning, A423 D Platoon. Details of his exemplary carer and Active Member funeral are below.

Captain Manning started with the Toronto Fire Services on September 8th, 1999, and was assigned to station 323 on C-Platoon. Paul honed his firefighting skills during his career on several apparatus.

Jan 1st, 2010 – Jan 9th, 2015, T331 C-Platoon

Jan 10th, 2015 – May 26th, 2016, P331 C-Platoon

May 27th, 2016 – Aug 23rd, 2017, P332 C-Platoon

Aug 24th, 2017 – Jan 21st, 2018, A213 C -Platoon -Promoted to A|C

Jan 22nd, 2018 – Aug 22nd, 2021, A423 D-Platoon

Aug 23rd, 2021 – May 1st, 2023, R423 D-Platoon

May 2nd, 2023 – May 28th, 2023, C44 D-Platoon

May 29th, 2023 – Sept 17th, 2023, TWR 1 B-Platoon -Promoted to Captain

Sept 18, 2023 – Current A423 D-Platoon

Brother Manning also received a Team Citation on May 13th, 2008, for actions taken at the 227A Crawford Street fire on April 12th, 2007.

Team Citation Reads as Follows:

Paul Manning

Presented in recognition of your exemplary actions at 227A Crawford Street.

I commend you for the exemplary actions taken in this incident.

On April 12th, 2007 quick action was taken at the Gibson House residence when a fire broke out on the third floor. You were instrumental in stopping further damage and injury during this incident. Numerous elderly and wheelchair-bound residents were removed from harms way. For, without your assistance, this incident could have resulted in tragedy.

Your efforts are hereby recognized by the Toronto Fire Services and the Citizens of the City of Toronto by way of this citation.

Condolences to Paul’s family, friends, and co-workers. Rest Easy Brother Manning, we will take it from here.

Ceremony and Visitation

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 (B-platoon working)

Bayview Glen Church

300 Steeles Ave E.

Thornhill, ON

10:00 am Visitation

12:00 pm Ceremony


At the family’s request we are planning to have the reception at a local legion.

Details to be announced.


TFS personnel attending the funeral are to wear full dress uniform, (white shirt and gloves), and cap.

* Cap badges will NOT be shrouded.*

Form Up and Rolling Salute

We will be forming up and honouring Paul with a rolling salute. Members will be asked to form up and come to attention when the command is given.

The rolling salute begins at the colours (Canadian Flag salute comes up) and is completed, at the rear step of the caisson, (salute comes down), then bowing your head as the family passes. Continue to stand until you’re dismissed.

In Solidarity,

Ceremonial and Bereavement Committee

Members that are struggling with the news are encouraged to reach out to any of the following support services.

TFS Pear Support – (416) 338-9327

Chris Rodrigues – (416) 338-9557

The city of Toronto EAP – (416) 392-6633

North Chaplin Ted Leck – (647) 461-4047

East Chaplin Tahseen Gill – (647) 568-6050

South Chaplin Daniel Chandran – (647) 262-9897

West Chaplin Todd Riley – (416) 318-9167

In Solidarity,

Gerlando Peritore (he/him)
Chair, Ceremonial and Bereavement Committee
Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association
I.A.F.F. Local 3888