President’s Message



Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Subject: President’s Message
Union Notice 23-029

Date: March 14, 2023
Subject: President’s Message
To: All Members

Where do I begin to show appreciation to those who have supported and trusted me for almost two and a half decades? We have been through some exciting and very challenging times. Along the way, we enjoyed a laugh, had many debates, and sometimes shared a tear, yet we always remained unified.

From the amalgamation of Local 3888 to the struggles related to staffing, endless negotiations, and the ongoing issues we faced daily, I have never felt alone. On the contrary, I was confident we stood together. The faith shown in your Association is why Local 3888 has celebrated so many successes. There will be a few that obviously may not support my perspective, but all members are entitled to their views, and throughout my career, I have tried to look at things from a member’s standpoint.

My biggest honour was being elected President with unprecedented support, giving the Executive Board the tools to take on the extraordinary issues we faced. There were many challenges in the past two years, but our Firefighter family overcame each hurdle, standing together when most around us turned on each other.

There are too many people to thank who have educated me and provided guidance to allow my development over the years. Still, I want to acknowledge everyone I have worked with in the City and TFS and all the present and past leaders I have been lucky to call friends.

We have restructured the TPFFA to provide better support mechanisms while focusing on a succession plan. Your Executive Board expanded the WSIB committee to assist with disability management while passing on the dying art of political action to those interested. We fought hard to maintain our benefits, established call-backs in operations, and increased the operations complement through the budget process. With each barrier came the knowledge and experience to grow.

Please remain confident in your union and support those who take on the roles and responsibilities of that burden. Being an Executive isn’t easy, but it comes with the reward of knowing you are making a difference. Try to get involved. There are so many untapped resources within our ranks.

To the current board, thank you for believing in me. We did this together with the support of over 3000 having our backs.

With a heavy heart and my daughters’ blessing, I am giving notice that I am not running for re-election.

With July 1st not far away, I remain committed to advancing the issues for Local 3888 and all firefighters Provincially and Internationally, until my last day in office.

It has been a privilege and honour to serve.

To the members, thank you.

The future is bright for Local 3888.

In solidarity,

Kevin McCarthy
Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association
I.A.F.F. Local 3888