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Petition to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

For your interest (From MROO Newsletter)

Pension Petition: e-3893

We are asking for your help. Pension protection is sadly lacking and much needed in Canada. Here at MROO we support the Canadian Federation of Pensioners who have developed a strategy to pressure the government to act now. 

This petition pushes the Canadian government to develop a solution to ensure pensioners receive 100% of the pension their employer committed to. It is sponsored by MP Ryan Turnbull: Liberal Whitby.

More Information Below: Over 4 million Canadians depend on a defined benefit pension for their financial security in retirement. These pensions are deferred wages earned by Canadians while they were working and are payable to them after retirement. After years of hard work and dedication, pensioners deserve the full pension to which their former employer committed. Since 1982, more than 250,000 Canadian seniors have suffered the loss of pension income due to corporate insolvency. In 2019, the federal government made initial steps to make insolvency proceedings fairer and more transparent.

We ask that you sign the e-petition. It is a House of Commons e-petition, secure and safe.