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Command Retirements – February 08, 2022

Rank  Last Name                First Name    # From PL     To                   PL


C         Leschak                     David              P123 B           Retired           31-Jan

C         Saunders                   Bruce             P113 B           Retired           31-Jan

C         Layman                      Chris              P125 B           Retired           31-Jan

C         Whelan                      Danny            A113 B           Retired           31-Jan

C         Rutherford                Rob                 AL111 C        Retired           31-Jan

C         Enslen                       James            P121 D           Retired           31-Jan


ADC   Ramagnano             Frank              P212 A           Retired           01-Jan

C         Lawrence                   Chris              A244 C           Retired           31-Jan

C         Mogavero                 John               P233 D           Retired           31-Jan

F          Boake                         Jeff                 A215 B           Retired           31-Jan

F          Posa                          Robert            R241 D          Retired           31-Jan


DC      Kelly                          Brian              C31 B             Retired           31-Jan

ADC    Hickson                      Duane            P323 A           Retired           31-Jan

C         Radford                      John               S313 A           Retired           31-Jan

C         Welsh                        John               A322 B           Retired           31-Dec

AC      Newlands                  Ross               HR332 B        Retired           31-Dec


C         Leonard                     Jim                 P431 A           Retired           31-Jan

C         Tweddle                     Chas Andy   PL432 A         Retired           31-Jan

C         Harrison                     Bruce            A421 A           Retired           31-Jan

C         Hanman                    Brian             P442 C           Retired           31-Jan

C         Rowland                    Michael         A415 C           Retired           31-Jan

C         Ganguly                     Andrew          P422 D           Retired           31-Jan

C         Parnell                       Daniel            S445 D           Retired           31-Jan

C         Thompson                 Gordon          P443 D           Retired           31-Jan

C         Hannah                     Glenn             R434 D          Retired           31-Jan

F          Pilkington                  Ron                P443 A           Retired           27-Jan

F          Peak                           John               P443 B           Retired           31-Jan

F          Hamon                       Joshua           P422 B           Resigned       10-Jan

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