TFS Retirements


Join us in welcoming the newest members of the “R” Shift! Welcome aboard and Congrats! Safe and Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Command Retirements – October 05, 2021

Rank             Last Name                 First Name    # From PL     To        PL


C `       Brough                       Derrick           A113   A         Retired           30-Sep

C         Cannon                     Todd               HR114 B        Retired           01-Oct

F          Dowswell                   Dale                C14     D         Retired           12-Oct


C         Downey                     Leo                 AL231 A         Retired           30-Sep

C         Gallagher                  Shaun            P222   A         Retired           30-Sep

C         Conlon                       Desmond       A226   C         Retired           30-Sep

C         Oates                          Bradley          A215   D         Retired           30-Sep

C         Speight                      Dan                P227   D         Retired           30-Sep

F          Dosant                       AL                   P227   D         Retired           31-Aug


F          Onley                         Wayne           P335   A         Retired           30-Sep

F          Dempsey                   Liam               A345   B         Retired           31-Aug


PC      Harper                        Doug              C40     D         Retired           30-Aug

PC      Fairman                     David              C40     C         Retired           30-Aug

C         Brown                        Lee                 A433   C         Retired           30-Sep

F          Bezugly                     Dave               P431   A         Retired           30-Sep

Welcome to the “R” Shift and Congratulations on your Retirements, please consider joining the Retired Toronto Fire Fighters Association!