Its no secret we all worked hard for our pensions and/or salaries. Its also no surprise that there are thieves out there just looking to scam us out of those hard earn dollars. The Canadian Anti Fraud Centre is reporting an increase in fraud directed towards most everyday facets of our lives.

“The CAFC is noting an increase in identity fraud reporting. Fraudsters are using personal information about Canadians to apply for government benefits, credit cards, bank accounts, cell phone accounts or even take over social media and email accounts. It is important that Canadians take steps to secure their personal and financial information and know what to do when identity fraud occurs. Recognize, Reject & Report”

Please be careful and vigilant if you receive unsolicted calls or emails, etc. for personal information. Do not give out personal informtaion such as – Your name, Your address, Your birthdate, Your Social Insurance Number (SIN), Your credit card or banking information to an unsolicited caller or email, etc.

Always verify the company and its services are real before you contact them.

Do not allow a website to save your password(s).

The following links are from Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Website.