MROO Retiree Benefits – Victor


Now that we are well into this COVID thing I’m sure many are wondering if any relief will come from with regards to the travel insurance premium. This link will take you to an update on travel insurance from VICTOR (MROO) and questions asked by many who are members.

The following is what they have to say with regard to annual travel insurance refund.

Will I get a refund of premium or be able to change my trip duration to fewer days because I am unable to use my MROO annual travel insurance plan?

Unfortunately, no. Your plan renews annually every January 1st and the premium rates are established in advance. As per your policy terms, your benefits and your premium rates cannot change until your next policy renewal, which will be January 1, 2021.
If we determine at the January 1, 2021 renewal that the claims experience for your plan is better than expected due to members’ reduced travel in 2020, we will look at enhancing your plan for 2021 and/or offering a rate reduction. Your policy year runs from July 1 to June 30 annually, so COVID-19 has had a negative impact on claims in March and April while members were still travelling home to Ontario.
Your annual travel plan is designed as a group plan. The benefit of a group plan is the flexibility in your plan design such as choices in your annual trip duration not usually offered to retirees, and your rates which are typically less expensive than for an annual plan that is purchased on an individual basis. MROO’s travel rates are based on the number of people insured under the MROO umbrella for travel, the demographics of your group and your collective claims experience.
Unlike other plans, your rates are not age banded and you have the advantage of renewing your policy for life no matter how your health changes over the years.
We have had several members ask about refunds for travel and health care benefits that they have not been able to use
due to COVID-19. In order to keep the many benefits you have now, and stable rates or better rates going into 2021 and 2022, we are counting on you to keep your insurance in place and wait out this pandemic. We have had very few
members terminate coverage; however, if you do wish to make this choice you will not be able to re-enroll in the MROO health and/or travel plan at a future date under our standard rules for eligibility.