TPFFA Covid-19 Mask Fundraiser


Special thanks to Local 3888 for making this fundraiser available to our Retired Members and those retired from our 6 former Metro Toronto Locals. Please follow the directions and use the link to the form near the end of this notice to order. Payment is through the PayPal Portal, apparently there you may also use a credit card -> Stay safe, stay well.

Notice 20-105
 May 26, 2020
Subject: TPFFA COVID-19 Mask Fundraiser
To: All Members

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer is officially recommending Canadians wear non-medical face masks when maintaining a two-metre distance isn’t possible. Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, said that as people continue to enter public settings, they should be wearing non-medical masks. Canadian Chief of public health said non-medical masks can stop a wearer from spraying droplets on others if they’re sneezing or coughing. That means that wearing a non-medical mask could help curb transmission, especially amid reports of asymptomatic carriers.

With this in mind we want to help members and their families to obtain affordable and proper re-usable cloth masks. We thought this could also be a great fundraiser for our COVID-19 charitable efforts. We have investigated and come up with a custom made face mask and neck gaiter. We are selling them at our cost, which includes shipping. The fundraising portion is for each item purchased. The Association will match dollar for dollar and contribute that amount to our Charity fund. Not only will you get a quality mask, but you will also be getting the added bonus of supporting the Charity.

Due to COVID-19 Interdepartmental Mail restrictions, please print POSTER and post at your Hall.

In order to maximize the amount that goes to Charity, pre-orders will be accepted for 2 weeks only. Orders will close on June 9th.

To order please click HERE.

Masks and Gaiters are $8.00 each.