Recently there was a virtual meeting regarding changes being considered for OMERS. We are sharing it here for those who may not have had access or receive correspondence from the OPFFA but are OMERS members.


We want to bring to your attention some important information about your OMERS plan.

Please click here to access an OPFFA OMERS Update on Proposed Plan Changes.

Proposed plan changes were presented by OMERS reps to OPFFA members on May 15.

As a follow up to the presentation we have assembled a section on the OntarioFireFighters.Org website that contains a link to a recording of the presentation, OMERS topics of interest and Q&A’s specific to the proposed plan changes including;

  • How Your OMERS Pension Contributes to the Economy
  • Management of the OMERS Plan Explained
  • Sustainability of OMERS and my Pension Guarantee
  • OMERS 2020 Proposed Plan Changes
  • Shared Risk Indexing Explained
  • OPFFA Position on the Proposed Changes

The OPFFA Executive Board fully endorses the healthy, reliable plan that OMERS has proposed and we want you to learn more about it and others who stand in support.

Thank you,

OPFFA Executive Board