Welcome to our Website


Welcome, we hope you enjoy the site. It is through this site we hope to promote a continuing fellowship and keep the membership apprised of information related to benefits and other news. In an effort to save $$$$ it was decided to create this site ourselves. A lot of time has gone into trying to create a site that is relatively easy to navigate. The site is based on WordPress and has been a huge learning curve for its creator and will most likely continue to be as we go forward. Bugs are expected and will hopefully be easily resolved should they crop up. Please take note that once you leave the ‘home page’ the ‘post heading’ is or should be a ‘link’ which is suppose to take you to the actual post. The Posts are also linked in the ‘side bar’ on the right of the page(s).

Please take some time to get acquainted with the site and check back as we populate it with posts/information that may be of interest to all.

Special thanks to Scott McCann for his assistance in getting us up on the world wide web. As well me must take a moment to thank Larry Thorne for the use of his magnificent pictures.