3888 C&B Committee 2020 Events


Union Notice #20-017: Ceremonial and Bereavement Committee 2020 Events

Notice 20-017

Date: January 30, 2020
Subject: Ceremonial and Bereavement Committee 2020 EventsTo: All Members

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

The C&B committee has confirmed most of the events for the following year.  Here is a list of them to put in your calendar.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade          Toronto             Sunday March 15, 2020          B Platoon working

Beaches Easter Day Parade    Beaches            Sunday April 12, 2020            B Platoon working

Toronto FF Memorial              Station 334       Sunday May 31, 2020             A Platoon working

Pride Parade                             Toronto             Sunday June 28, 2020           A Platoon working

Warriors Day Parade               CNE                   Saturday Aug 22, 2020           D Platoon working

Labour Day Parade                HMCS York        Monday Sept 7, 2020              A Platoon working

Canadian FF Memorial          Ottawa                Sunday Sept 13, 2020             D Platoon working

IAFF Memorial                        Colorado             Saturday Sept 19, 2020          D Platoon working

Ontario FF Memorial             Queens Park      Sunday Oct 4, 2020                  C Platoon working

Remembrance Day                 Toronto             Wednesday Nov 11, 2020        D Platoon working

Toronto Santa Clause Parade  Toronto            Sunday Nov 15, 2020               A Platoon working

Weston Santa Clause Parade                          TBD

Beaches Santa Clause Parade                         TBD

Etobicoke Santa Clause Parade                      TBD

Do you have a motorcycle?

The C&B committee is also looking to see if there is any interest amongst our membership to ride to Colorado Springs for the 2020 IAFF Memorial.  Every year they start the ceremony off with The Rolling Thunder Motorcycle group riding in at the start.  The Rolling Thunder is a group of IAFF riders that come from all over North America by motorcycle to be part of the ceremony.  The ceremony is Saturday September 19th, and we would be looking at leaving sometime the week of September 14th.  Anyone interested, please send us an email at ceremonial@torontofirefighters.org with “Ride to Colorado 2020” in the subject line.

If we have enough interest, we can discuss the logistics together as a group, and what we would need as support to make this a memorable, safe and successful ride.

In Solidarity,

Gerlando Peritore
Chair, Ceremonial and Bereavement Committee
Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association
I.A.F.F. Local 3888

C&B Committee

John Blair
Travis Mathews
Greg Haley
Jason Gil